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I felt a strong need to write about software today. No, not another piece of “shelf-help” or something that you need to buy.

This is software that every single one of you already own.

No need to run out and buy something, or go to some squeeze page to opt in for some stupid spam or anything. This is something that every person on the planet already has, already uses daily, and already has it set up. But the problem is that most of us have it set up incorrectly. Our software has bugs in it and more bugs and viruses are added daily. Now I know I am using “computer talk” and this specific piece of software is not an actual piece of software at all. I am referring to your brain. Your mind. And every day we are adding new “updates” and more “programs” to our computer. The best part of your computer and software is that you have full control on what you put into your computer, what software updates you perform, what you put into your brain. And your software learns and updates by your surroundings, your environment. You see, everyday you make thousands of choices. What are you choosing? Who do you surround yourself with? Do you know a bunch of negative people who consistently doubt you, they question what you are doing, they think you are crazy for thinking like you do? Do you watch a ton of television, news? Here is the deal, your mind (software) is a very fragile tool. You need to be very careful about what you put into it, what you put into your computer. If you are surrounded by negativity, you eat junk food and an unhealthy diet, and you watch a bunch of TV then you are poisoning it, you are throwing a bunch of SPAM and viruses into it. It is time to reprogram your mind, stop putting junk and viruses into it and start filling it with incredible programs. Let’s stop talking in “code” and break this down in real terms…

I spoke about choices, you make thousands of choices everyday. Most of them are unconscious and we do not even know we are making them. If you break your daily choices into two categories, you have positive and negative. Kind of like the whole good VS evil thing. Let’s simplify…

Every night when you go to bed you have a choice, you can be grateful for the day that you experienced and had, you can thank whatever version of GOD that you believe in, and bless others… OR you can just lay down and say things like, “wow what a crappy day, glad this one is over.” You get the point. This is exactly what I mean when I said that we need to reprogram our computers. Try this out: when you go to bed, think about being grateful for the day, for the experiences, for the people you encountered, and the relationships that you have. Be grateful for every little thing that you have because I promise that no matter how bad you have it, there are thousands of people who have it worse. When you wake up in the morning, instead of being groggy and grumpy, try being grateful that you even woke up! Be grateful for the night’s rest that you had. Do this, and make a choice right then and there that you are going to make today the best day ever. You are going to make today the most successful day you have ever had, you are going to help as many people as possible. Do this and your computer, or mind and brain, will be reprogrammed and success will find you.

I will dive more into this later… I want to leave it at that right now as this is VERY important. Let’s let this soak in for a while. I challenge you all to try this for a month. Not a few days, not a week, but an entire month. Then we shall see how much better your software performs.

Thank you for being a part of my extended family I really appreciate you taking the time to read this. Check out books I am writing coming soon!


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